Please read the following before continuing:

1) Fill out these forms with the correct information AFTER you have signed up for Koodo with your new temporary phone number and plan.

2) Please double-check all information for accuracy to avoid any delays. If you make any typos, it will cause a delay since we will have to contact you to get the right information.

3) Each submission is time-stamped which ensures fairness – our service is first come, first serve!

4) Please be patient – We are very busy and will provide an estimated time of completion once you submit this form. All of our updates are sent through email so make sure you have access to your email. It takes up to 2-10 days on average to process your changes.

5) After your account is processed – we do not keep any sensitive information on hand. We only keep your Name, Phone # and Email Address for future communications. We may communicate through a variety of platforms such as snail mail, e-mail, phone and SMS (texting).

7) By submitting this form you are agreeing to allow us access to make the necessary changes to your account and to pay our service fee of $50 for new Koodo Customers. And $70 for existing Koodo Customers.