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How long is the process?2017-08-05T21:32:48-04:00

The process can take anywhere from 2-10 days. When you open a Koodo account they assign you a bill date 2-10 days from the day you sign up. This is the day we are able to make all the necessary changes on the account.

How do I know when you’ve changed the plan?2017-08-05T21:32:37-04:00

Koodo sends emails on every account change or you can simply just check your account!

Will the plan ever be taken away from me?2017-08-05T21:32:21-04:00


Does the plan expire?2019-01-09T14:28:37-05:00

No the price you see monthly is always the price you pay! The plan never expires and never gets taken from you! When you submit your account to us, the plans available may change at any time without notice. We will notify you of any changes to the plan you chose upon submission.

Is there a chance I might loose my number?2017-08-05T21:31:52-04:00

No chance at all. We can transfer all numbers over to Koodo!

Does the store require me to transfer my number over?2017-08-05T21:31:39-04:00

No simply just ask for a new number at first. Remember this number is TEMPORARY!

This is so much to take in! HELP!2017-08-05T21:31:27-04:00

Our process is much easier than your thinking right now. Its a 3 step process.

1. Follow step-by-step guide!
2. Submit necessary information.
3. Enjoy the savings!

If you have any problems or are confused, please don’t hesitate to contact us via Email or Phone!

Is this safe?2017-08-05T21:31:08-04:00

Yes our process is 100% safe. We have always used industry standard encryption when dealing with our customers information. We have a secure form with standard 256 bit encryption and we only ever take payment when its completed. Our services have also been featured on Yahoo News, Globe & Mail, HuffPost, CBC and other major news outlets!

What information do you ask for?2017-08-05T21:30:17-04:00

After your all setup at the store and your online account. You will want to submit to us your information via our secure form. We just ask for basic information to complete the process. WE NEVER ASK FOR CREDIT CARD INFO, DRIVERS LICENSE, OR SIN!

Do you have a store front I can visit?2017-08-05T21:30:04-04:00

Unfortunately we service all of Canada and it would be unrealistic for us to have a storefront.

Do you unlock phones?2017-08-05T21:22:21-04:00

Yes we actually unlock all phones from any carrier in the world.

How are you able to offer these plans so cheap?2018-05-16T09:33:26-04:00

We’ve been involved in the mobile industry for half a decade now. We have sales, management back-end infrastructure, marketing and advertising experience. We have had multiple partnerships with top Canadian service providers to bring our customers unheard of mobile plans at unprecedented rates. Currently, we’re able to offer our plans at a discounted rate due to provincial differences.

Do we have to be in Ontario to qualify for these plans?2017-08-05T21:21:40-04:00

No these plans are avaiable to anyone and everyone in Canada!

Are these plans in-contract?2017-08-05T21:21:01-04:00

No Koodo Mobile doesn’t offer contracts.

What is the cost to setup these plans?2019-09-13T07:15:38-04:00

We charge an affordable fee of $50 for new Koodo Customers and $70 for existing customers per line. New numbers cost $5.

What payment methods do you accept?2017-08-05T21:20:34-04:00

Currently we accept Interac E-Transfer and Paypal!

What’s porting mean?2017-08-05T21:20:13-04:00

This is a technical term meaning ‘Transfer’

I’ve had my number for ages, can I keep it?2017-08-05T21:19:59-04:00

Yes you’re able to keep your number! Please make sure you read our step-by-step guide fully!

Are these corporate plans?2017-08-05T21:19:44-04:00

No these are standard promotional rate plans for consumers. Corporate plans require you to falsify credentials which is extremely illegal and could result in a closed account without notice.

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